Travel and Tourism

Diploma of Travel and Tourism (SIT50112 )

Want a career that can really take off? With a Diploma of Travel and Tourism, you will develop the skills and  knowledge you need to succeed in the travel and tourism industry. The course is designed to give you real hands on experience, including the opportunity to work with local industry professionals!

You will learn to coordinate tourism and travel operations, deliver quality customer service and even manage your own travel and tourism business!

Course details:

The Diploma of Community Services Work is a 12 month course consisting of 20
units of study that are broken up into 4 major clusters of learning.

You’ll learn to:

  • Work with people and communities to resolve issues
  • Support people in crisis
  • Work intensively with clients
  • Case manage and counsel clients
  • Implement community development strategies
  • Work within an ethical framework

Career opportunities:

  • Product manager
  • Retail travel agency manager/coordinator
  • Visitor information centre manager
  • Tour operator
  • Inbound groups manager