Important Dates and Fees Calculator

Important Dates and Information Calculator

All courses are delivered by training provider ACTE Pty Ltd RTO Code 31455. They offer rolling start dates, which means no waiting for the next semester and no worrying about missing the next intake. Another great thing is when you start the course, you will get a period of time to see if you like it, and if you don’t you can withdraw without incurring any fees.

To find out when you could start the course as well as the tuition fees that apply, please complete the calculator below:

Currently unavailable – for Dates and Fees please contact us on 1800 862 732 or view the Diplomas.

What do these mean?

Unit Clusters – Each course is divided into clusters (usually 3 or 4 clusters per course) which are a group of units (subjects) that you need to complete to finish the course.

Commencement – This is the date you can start working on each cluster and the date the census and completion dates will be calculated from.

Census – If you withdraw from the course before the census date you will not incur any further debt.

Completion – This is the date you will need to complete the units in the cluster by, in order to complete the qualification in the required timeframe. Please note that the next cluster will open as per the original commencement date.